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Yangchar wheels continued.

The followiing is unedited from our notebooks - much further research required
sman sbyor ‘khor lo  The wheel of Medicines


First write Doctor, Midicinal spoon, medicinal bowl and patient, each has 7 constellions.  The pattern is
doctor- 1-7
spoon - 8-14
bowl -15-21a
patient- 21b- 0

Start from the consellation [nyi skar]of the sun and stop at the moons constellation [zla skar]

for example if sun is 12 and moon is 22 we start at doctor counting it as 12 then count forwards till we come to 22 whihc in aour example answer means 22 is 12 in spoon where we stop.  [basically lookig athe phase of the moon]

then we interpret from spoon as being the resulot of the medicnne question.
If the answer lands in
Doctor- This position means the disease is serious and the patient has to consult the doctor for a longer preiod of time.
Spoon- This position means that the patient will only recover slowly
Bowl- This position means the medicine will turn into nectar.  This means that the medicine will be most beneficial.
Patient- This position means the medicne will turn into poison and will not have the desired effect.

Further considerations:  if the moons constellation lands in patient then this is called rigs ldan [Rigden] so at the time of arising rigden then the patient must avaoid going directly to the doctor.  If this is not avaided then all the medicines will turn inot poison.

On each weekday arises a particular naga
Sunday- mtha’ yas -
Monday - nor rgyas-
Tuesday - ‘jog -
Wednesday- stobs rgyu -
Thursay- bad -
Friday- pad chen
Saturday- dung skyong

The Wheel of Empty Ways  (finding the clear way) for corpses
chu spe khron pa yur ba [The Wheel of] Wells and Waterways  p.534.
this wheel has eight vases starting from the east as follows:
East - a,
S.E. - ka,
South - rtsa
S.W. - ta -Skt letter da
west - ta
N.w. - pa
North - ya
N.E. - sha
centre- khya

Space -a and aa
da and khya[skt] also ka, kha, ga, gha, nga  are letters of space, thus the nine letters of the space element.

Wind- o, ya, sha, plus [skt] tsa, tsha, dsa, dsha, nya whihc is the eigth of the wind element.
Fire- a, ri, ra, sha, plus 1st row [skt] ta, tha, da, dha, na total 9
Water- u, wa,  plus [skt] pa, pha, ba, bha, ma total 7
Earth- i, li, la, sa, and 2nd row [skt] ta, tha, da, dha, na

when the letter of fire and the constellations of fire come together then will be water shortages

one takes the arising sound of the place ie Shimla which is sha and looks at the contellation elemnt of the day whichi if fire as well then its no good to dig a well in that palce o that day.  for the best wells the place should have the sound of Water arising and be dug on a day of water constellation.  If there is no water at all in any combination then its best not to dig a well.

If the place where the well is to be dug has the first letter of sa then this will come under sha then after 8 ‘dom (ie. 48 feet) there is water.  because sa is three from sha then we have to multiply the 8 ‘dom by 24 ‘dom minus eight = 16 ‘dom .  Then we have to add 3 khru (cubits)  then the life fore of sa is a add agiain finger joints length.

dKar po ‘khor lo
The White Wheel

this wheel is used to find out how a man will realte to women in his life.

Make a picture of a beautiful woman,  Start from the mouth, then crown, then forehead, then right eye, left eye, nose, rigth ear, left ear, heart, right hand, left hand, then her back, secret organs, right leg, left leg,

name them as follows-
mouth 1- no.1
then crown 3-  no.2,3,4
then forehead 1- no 5,
then right eye 2- no 6,7
left eye 2, no. 8, 9
nose 1, no.10
rigth ear 1, no.11
left ear 1, no.12
heart 5, no. 13, 14 , 15, 16, 17,
right hand 1, no.18
left hand 1, no.19
then her back 4, no 20, 21a, 21b, 22
secret organs 3, no. 3,4,5
right leg 1,- no 26
left leg 1, no. 27[0]

Take the name constellation of the husband [khyo] and when it is in the
mouth - any four ladies will face bad mouth [about them]
crown- when here the husband will receive respect like a king, specially you will receive gemstones and gold
forehead- when it is at the forehead then the woman will speak poetically, and also give clothes
right eye- if it is at the right eye then you right eye will become hot and the tongue of women will fall, you will not be able to see your wife, [nor] decide your hope.
left eye- when it is here then you will often face leave and take your wife. [chung ma spong len]  At last you may become a widow or become cripple.
nose- when the mans name constelation falls here you will come across bad women, and face conflicts.
right ear- when here the earlier women will look erroneously for you and the later women will be fault finders
left ear- your earlier wife may kill you with poison, and if not killed by her then other women will talk about the primary cause. [gleng gzhi]p548 Later women will enter into disputes and controversies about your life.
heart- This heart is the heart of the woman.  When here women will respect you like a king and you and your women will live a longer lofespan have good wealth and less illesses.  These ladies will be of good heart and beautiful.
hands- you will face offences and illnesses.
back-  Even if you had a woman earlier then this woman will die and even if you don;t have then you wont come accros any women as they become angry withour any reason.  Even if you try to hook a woman then it will be difficult to reel her in.  Even if you do good to them they will look eroneously back at you.
secret- with this position the women may not reveice bad mouth or offences and there is no freedom. [rang dbang med par kha smras med] Especially the have nine children.
right leg- you will have misery troubles distress and misfortune and other men will take away the women.  If you have a son he will be difficult to riase, if a daughter she will die.
left leg- Women will have a very big heart [hardened character], face thieves and look erroneoously upon you.

The Wheel of Sowing Seed and the Wheel of Agriculture
sa bon ‘debs pa rtsis NAD psod nam ‘khor lo

p. 536

there are two images used here the first being about th esowing of seed pictured in the plough and yak, the cesond is called the wheel of agriculture

First draw a plough and yak yoke.  Then startng from the sun constellation counting to the moon constellation, using the same principle applied in other wheels.

Put two constellations at the iron tyne no. 1 & 2
next up the lower share no 3,4,5
next up the middle share no 6,7,8
then along the upper share no 9,10
then along the shaft no. 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20.
then on the yoke 21a, 21b, 22, 23,24,25,26,27[0]

when the moons constellation of the day lands upon the iron tyne thne there is no doubt that the plant will not prodcuce much grain[or somethig like that [brtsa]
If its lands on the lower share the year will surely produce good grain but there are so many pests
if it lands on the middle share then you will increase your crops
if it is on the upper share then illnesses will come
if it is the shaft then then the result of the harvest will be medium
if it is on the yoke then enemies will control [your fields]

psod nam ‘khor lo


first draw three vertical roots trients having 3 points each making nine points, and three horzontal tridents having two points at each end.  the right and left side has 6 and 6 making 12.


 21 21 22  23 1 2  3 4 5

20          6
19         7
   24   25
18         8
17   0   26   9

16         10
15         11

    14      13    12

now starting from the middle trident rigth by clock wise put the las t four constelations in the middle as in the abvoe diagram.

When the moon contelations lands [meaurig from th sun to the moon] on the nine trident point at the top there will a prosperous crop.
If its lands on the three roots there is no fruit harvested.
If it lands in the four middle constels their will be a medium crop
the 12 limbs on the sides will indicate healthy and good crop.

sat mon wed thrus frid are good for agriculture sowing and harvesting whereas  sunday and tuesday are bad and best avoided.  likewise Narma nabso namdru go chu mezhi nag pa, smron, mondre, mondru, lakpa, sari, toshi, nubs, chuto, chume, drihin, are good constellations for agriculture and latsam and trume are especially good for sowing seeds but bad for harvesting.  tanye mindruk gyel, saga, uu, trumde are bad for all agricultural activities.

nya, pumba, srang, glang, chusin are good for agricultural activities, whilst luk, kata, digpa, are bad for agriculture.
dates 2, 10, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 21 and 22, 23, 24, 25, 26,27 and 30th these are good days for agric.  the 4, 8, 14th, 28th 29th are bad and must be avioded.

The Wheel of the Patient
nad pa brtag  [The patient examination] p.554

First make an image of a naga [body human serpent tail and serpent hoods over the head].  divide him into the foowing parts and each part has three constellations a follows-

chest- 4,5,6
stomach- 7,8,9
neck/throat- 25, 26, 27[0]

At the time of examination we find the moon constellation of the day as well as the name constellation.  The calculation is done by going from the moon constellation of the day counting to the name constellation.  If the result lands on the throat then the patient may die.  If result lands on belly or hip then you will recover from your disease.  If on tail or chest you will suffer for a longer period.  If on mouth, navel or shoulder then you will enjoy good health and have no illness.  If secret it is a bad omen.

Sunday- If you fall sick on a Sunday you are harmed by spirit {bdud} as well as the mountain dwelling spirit [brtsan], as well the male spirit [gre pho].  Your body will tend to become hot and sbrid pa[numbness-like a feeling when you put your feet on the ground]  Your heart and lungs will become shivery.  If you have too much fever you will experience delirium.  Becuase these are epidemic diseases you will easily recover.

Monday-If you fall sick on a Monday you will suffer diseases of the stomach, lower part of the body[stomach to feet], and experience sharp pain [gzer].  These are the cold diseases and you will recover easily.  you may be harmed by a widow,[in old tibetan society widows and spinsters are considered bad influences and food etc is not acepted from them.]  The naga is also harmful to you, as well as dead spirit of people [shin ‘dre].

Tuesday- If you fall sick on a Tuesday you will suffer from blood, bile, and heat diseases, eye diseases as well as headaches, and imbalance of the mind.  If you don’t die instantaneously then recovery will be swift.  You are harmed by mountian dwleeling spirits, male spirit, especially if you overboil milk or meat whilst cooking.  [if this happens tibetans must immediately throw white barley flour and throw it into the flames of the stove and say- you are not my stove!]

Wednesday- If you fall sick on a Wednesday you will sufffer from water diseases and cold diseases with pain in the intestines, kidneys and waist.  These are sudden onset illnesses and you will recover immediately.  You may be harmed by any one of the spirits.

Thursday - If you fall sick on a Thursday you will suffer wind diseases, bile, shivering and panic, as well your mind may become distracted and unable to focus on anything.  If you dont die instantaneously then you will have a quick recovery.  You may be harmed by the King spirit, naga, guests who arrive at night.

Friday - If you fall sick on a Friday you will suffer from coughs and colds, pain in the bones and bone diseases, stomach diseases and swollen hands with probable skin eruptions.  You will easily recover.  You may be harmed by the king spirit anf the mountain dwelling spirit.

Saturday- If you fall sick on a Saturday you will suffer diziness, pain in the joints, spleen disorders.  If you suffer these diseases over a longer period you are likely to die.  You may be harmed by the Tom thumb spirit [theu ‘brang] as well as the earth spirit and ma mo spirits, also spirits of the dead  [shin rje]

Wheel of woman and the wolf(p-547)
(Whether you will become a widow or not)
First make a diagram of woman and wolf and take the moon constellation of the day of marriage(going for bride) as the start.
Image and constelaton each.
Woman’s heart-1,2,3,4,5,6,7
Wolf’s mouth 8,9,10,11,12,13,14
Woman body- 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 a
Wolf body 21 b, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27(0)
Then take the name of the husband- count from the day constellation to the husbands in usual order.  It is lands in the first 3 of the wolf mouth then(husband) will die after three months.  If it lands on the middle constellation i.e 11th constellation then will die after one year.  If on last three constellation , he will die after 3 years.
If lands anywhere on wolf body the husband will be ill for a long period and you may eventually become a widow.
(If its land on the woman heart or body life will go well with the husband,)  Not actually written but can be assumed.

NOTE in the bekar it seems that Thakar is 1, please check.

Wheel of the Bride (the calculation of the bride)
bag  ma la gces rtsis      p-545
First make a picture of a couple (bride and groom)
Start from the sun constellation of the brides”going day” and move forward to the name constellation of the female as well as the name constellaation of the husband.
Head of groom-1, 2, 3,
Heart of bride - 4,5,6,
Heart of groom- 7.8.9.
Head of bride- 10,11,12
Hnad of groom-13,14
hand of Bride-15,16
Male secret-17, 18 ,19
Female secret- 20, 21a, 21b,
Leg male22,23,24
leg female- 25,26,17[0]

when the female result is in the heart of the Man both will live a long life span, and have a smooth and long lastig relationship.
When the male result lands on the heart fo he feamle the result is the same as above.

If venus cons position of that day lands on the heart fo the husband you will enjoy life together happily.

If mercury cons of that day heart of female this will increase your wealth and give birth to five children.

If name cons fo female land s on the male secret then you won’t face conflicts and emenies.

If name cons of male lands on female secret you will give birth to nine children that enjoy a happy life and good relationships with each other.  Husband and wife will have no hesitation with each other.  [meaning not having concerns that the husband or wife will go off with another]

[If the man is the leader of the marriage then they will become poor [wealthy?? should it be?], if the bride is the leader of the mariage then they will become poor.]
Wheel of Many Children  (bu tsha mang bai’ ‘khor lo)
Make a diagram of nine squares

At the time of going of bride start from the position of mercury starting from the north east and place seven constels in each oouter conrner square.
If the planets Jupier moon merc and venus land on every military chief then the male will be the contraller [dbang che] and have many children and both will become poor.

In the Bekar there are many other wheels, in Yangchar there are more than 100 wheels (check number).  To summarise some others form Bekar we have:

The Red Wheel
[mar bo  ‘khor lo]  note tibetan write rtsa kra which is tibetanised word meaning cakra or wheel: p. 533.
p.uses the image of the snake and is concerned with the sending and recieving of animals.

The Wheel of Servants
[  ‘khor gyog ] p.543.
This wheel uses an image of a standing woman with constelations on various body sections and is concerned with the Landlord and how he will behave towards his subjects.

Wheel of the Husband
[ khyo shug ‘khor lo] p.547
This wheel uses an image of three beings to divide into 3 castes, human beings, gods, and a class of cannibal demons [srin po].  This calculation will show the underlying nature of the husband.
Wheel of Brides Health
[bag ma nad ‘byung ‘khor lo] p.546
This wheel can be represnted as a woman or alternatively as a serpent, and is used to determine whether the bride will be experince illness or health, and her general well being.
Wheel of Shalaki
[  sha la ki ‘khor lo] p.550
this wheel uses the image of a box divided into 36 squares and is also used to determine wheterh the bride will face illnesses or not.
Wheel of Giving and Taking
[‘bru yi ‘jal len ]  p.529
This wheel uses the image of a scale and concerns tiself with determning whther you will have enough grain for your needs.  also for other business transactions and whether it is a good time for going for business, buying in produce or selling it.
The Wheel of The Snake
[ sbrul gyi ‘khor lo] p.525
this wheel uses the image of a snake to know about the respectful or otherwise relations of peoples and countries.
The Wheel of entering a New house
[khyim gsar ‘zin pa]  p.523.
This uses the image of a being standing upon the back of a tortoise, and concerns itself with persons fortune in regard to wealth health etc, as enterig into a new household.

The Wheel of Wearing Clothes
[gos gyon pa] p.517
This wheel uses an image of a robe to determine whether you will recive many clothes or increase your possessions, whether you become poor face misery or separation.  aslo the days auspicious for first time waering new clothes, and the outcomes.
[Wheel of] the Examination of Birth
[skye brtag]p.507.
This wheel uses the image of a youth or child with the constellations associated with various parts of the body.  It is used to determine the type fo life for the person in question.