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YANG-CHAR -  The Tibetan Astrology of Arising Vowels

                      Yangchar [ddyang 'char] a subcategory of Kar Tsee is the Tibetan word for Svarodhaya [Skt.] meaning the arising vowels originating from the Sivasvarodhayatantra and the Kalacakra Tantra.  Both present the cycles of the Universe in terms of the sequences of transforming sounds through the months and days of the year.  Whilst the Kalacakra is the main source of astronomical calculations and is a Buddhist scripture the Sivasvarodhayatantra is actually a Hindu Sivaite astronomical tantra that was translated and taken to Tibet before becoming lost in India.  It is unusual since it is the only Sivaite text to be classified with the collection of Indian Buddhist Commentaries.   Much more research needs to be done on this fascinating topic, but legend has it that it was brought to Tibet by Rinchen Sherap in the  .... century.  The original consisted of 10 root tantras each with its commentary, but only five of these reached Tibet as Rinchen Sherap saw that five of the Commentaries dealing with magical operations would become a black magic in Tibet and consequently destroyed them.  The other five root texts and Commentaries contained a variety of subjects dealing with astronomical calculations using the 28 Indian constellations.  Nowadays Yangchar is used as a form of personal prognostication based upon the sounds in a persons name.  This relates them to particular constellations.  It is also used in horary astrology for a large variety of questions including medical, weather, political and personal concerns.  These are called the Yangchar Wheels, and there are hundreds of such wheels in the texts, the four commonly used being:

Wheel of Tortoise
is a way of determinging the yearly events of any Kingdom in terms of weather, agriculture, wars, the kings state, famines etc.
The Lion Mattress
is usually done for rulers but can be applied to the head of any household.  It shows how things will fare with him and the general afairs of health, wealth and property.
The Parisol
is a wheel which shows the realtionships between kingdoms in different directions.
The Wheel of 'hither and thither'.
is done for groups of people living in the same neighbourhood or community and show how affairs will unfold for them.

Each wheel is an image that commonly has the constellations placed in various ways around it, the positions of the planets are then placed in the constellations at the prescribed time for the calculation and the delineations are based upon these.

A few examples of other Yangchar wheels and their uses:
The White Wheel
- how a man will relate with the women in his life
The Wheel of Medicine
- determining the effects of medicines
The Wheel of the Patient
- determining the course of illnesses
The Wheel of the Bride
- prognostications on the outcomes of marriage
The Wheel of the Woman and the Wolf
- determining how things will go for ones husband.
The Wheel of Empty Ways
- finding a clear direction for the movement of the dead
The Wheel of Sowing Seeds
- covers agricultural concerns
The Wheel of Brahma
- for electional astrology
The Wheel of Children
- children
The Red Wheel
- concerning animal husbandry
The Wheel of Servants
- work and employees

and others concerned with almost every facet of life.


Yangchar has other deeper levels which are considered to be secret tantric practices.  From a transpersonal perspective Yangchar gives us the clues to the ways sounds and cycles relate to the movement of energies in the body, and these are connected with the movements of the life-forces through the channels and cakras in the body.  In Kalacakra the unfolding of the sounds is said to directly reflect the structure of the mandala and is a key to its arrangement of dieties, which are ultimately the energies of the 1620 Star patterns of the Great Revolving Stars Mandala.