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Tibetan Astrological Texts Project 

The translation project has now completed most key texts:
selections from these can be now found throughout this site- start with topics.

With the aim ofproviding high quality courses in Tibetan astrology,  we have begun a texts and translation project, which aims at making available to Western Astrologers some of the rich treasures of the many aspects and varieties of Tibetan astrology, including the deeper understandings required for its real comprehension.  There is a vast array of works on Tibetan astrology and its related topics, none of which have ever been available in English.  Tibet has at least five schools of  astrological practice, and within each school there are many systems and techniques of practice and interpretation.  Some of these would be somewhat familiar to western astrologers, whilst others are uniquely Tibetan.

Currently we have identified over 30 volumes of astrological works, and are making outlines of their contents, and extracting materials for our courses.  (The Kalacakra astrology is based in the Kalacakra Tantra, which itself has probably over a hundred volumes of texts and commentaries.)  Some of these astro texts are extensive reference works, for example:-

The "phug lugs rtsis kyi legs bshad mkhas pa'i mgul rgyan bedur dkarpo'i rdo shel dpyod ldan sning nor"
(The Lucid Exposition of the Ultimate system of Astrology, the treasured White Emerald Crystal of the Wise.)
- simply paraphrased (The White Emerald Collection)
which has over 1200 pages, and compiles an extensive range of Tibetan astrological theories and practices.
It was compiled by the Regent of the Fifth Dalai Lama,
sDe srid sangs rgyas rgya mtsho in the 17th Century and greatly expands the
"padma dkarpo'i zhal lung" (The Oral Teachings of the White Lotus) the first in the line of the Phuglugs school, by Lundup rGyamtso in the 15th Century.
sDe srid sangs rgyas rgya mtsho also wrote the companion volumes "The Blue Emerald Collection", which underlies the related system of Tibetan medicine.

and from the Tshurpu school,

The "rtsis kun bsdus"  (The Collection of All Astrology)
by The Third Karmapa, Ranjung Dorje, who also wrote another text
the "zab mo nang gi don" (The Profound Internal Subject) which comprehensively with the internal relationships of the astrological energies in the subtle body/mind/chakras, etc, and the effects of advanced yogic pracitices upon them.

We consider those texts within the Kalacakra (Wheel of Time) corpus to be of immense importance.  These texts deal with astrology within the context of a profound psychological and spiritual view of the nature of the individual and his/her relation to the Cosmos.
The basic text here is the
Sri Kalacakratantraraja and its commentary the Vimalaprabha,
(The Great Wheel of Time King of Tantras and the Stainless Commentary)
which is a 'massive esoteric encyclopaedia' that covers almost every imaginable topic of esoteric Buddhism.  Of special interest to transpersonal astrologers is its sections on the anatomical and psychological view of the individual.  This deals with the subject of the pranas, chakras and channels, and how energy circulates through this 'psycho-anatomical' system, in synchronicity with the cycles of constellations, stars and planets.

Whilst several attempts have been made by western astrologers to make 'one to one' correspondences between the chakras and the planets, the Kalacakra system provides an extremely comphrehensive treatment of the subject, and its relation to psychological states ranging from the everyday to the highest state of Enlightenment.  This system of chakras and channels is quite different to the concepts of chakras generally held by westerners.  This system is possibly the most comprehensive treatment of chakras within the entire Indo-Tibetan heritage.  As such it represents a goldmine for transpersonal psychologists, astrologers, and students of the esoteric sciences, since these understandings are underpinned by an extensive understanding of the energies underlying human consciousness.  Kim's research into Tibetan astrology has largely focused upon this aspect, since these understandings offer a unique psycho-anatomical vision of the relation of the Micro-cosm ot the Macro-cosm.  Through an understanding of these Cosmic 'psycho-anatomical' interactions between microcosm and macrocosm, there also emerges powerful techniques for dealing with the emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of our the human psyche.

Other texts dealing with this deeply esoteric topic include sections from,

The Vast Commentary [on the Internal Wheel of Time], by Jhamgon Khongtrul.

The Wheel of Time Commentaries, by Ju Mipham.

The Ornament for the Vimalaprabha, by Khey Drup Chey.

Tsering Dolma, who is working on our texts and translation project, in Dharamsala, is one of the very few Tibetan astrologers to have achieved the
rTsis-pa bKaâ-bChu-pa (5 year Degree of Tibetan Astrology and Astronomy)
from the Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute (Men Tsee Khang).  She brings with her a broad knowledge of the many facets of Tibetan astrology, and a special interest in Jung Tsee or Elemental Astrology.

With such a vast number of books and subject matter, this project is obviously not one likely to be completed overnight, nor would a complete translation of the entire corpus be possible through the pens of a few translators who would require very solid backgrounds in the astrological sciences.  Our approach is therefore to simultaneously

a.  Compile a comprehensive bibliography of Tibetan astro texts.
b.  Outline the contents of these texts.
c.  Index through the cross referencings of subject and topic outlines.
d.  Extract key sections of material relevant to the study of Tibetan astrology by western astrolgers.
e.  Translate  the most vital and important aspects.

Currently, this project is being funded entirely by the Australian College of Tibetan Astrology.  We believe that this project will be a valuable contribution to our understanding of the transpersonal dimensions of human nature, and the astrology of the 21st Century.

Contributions, financial or otherwise, to this project are most welcome, and would also provide meaningful work to Tibetans living in the refuge settlements of India, who are struggling to preserve their rich cultural heritage in the aftermath of the brutal Chinese invasion and occupation of Tibet.

On average $150- will cover the expenses for the locating and outlining of an average sized astrological text.
Contributors of $50.- or more will receive regular reports on the progress of this project.

To register your contribution. Click here.

Tibetan Astrological Texts Project.
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