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These topics are information pages resulting from our research with Tibetan astrologers and textual translations based upon the most essential texts.
Most of this information in English has previously only been available thru seminars with Kim Lai or Tsering Dolma, but is now being made public to give an impetus to those interested in the study of Tibetan Astrology.

All information contained here is FREE for private use, however Copyright is reserved.

  • Kalacakra Astrol



      also called Kar Tsee  - The Astrology of Kalacakra  or the The Wheel of Time 
    - info on Kalacakra astronomy, astrology and Mandala.

  • Elemental Astrol 


    - also called Jung Tsee - info on this system based upon the cycles of the Tibetan calendar. inc. translation 60 year cycles of aniumals and elements.

  • Yang-char


    the astrology of rising sounds - a system of astrological wheels for a wide variety of results, inc. translations of yangchar wheel Mandala.

  • Par-kha



    the eight tri-grams of Tibetan astrology - inc. a translation of the White Emeral text on Parkha.

  • Me-wa



     - the nine moles or bodily markings - magic square numbers - a type of numerology very important in astrology and magical operations - inc translated interpretations.

  • Sa-che



    - Sa-che and Khang-che and methods of Tibetan geomancy and  'feng shui'.  Sa-che is the earth or geographical forces, and Khang-che is concerned with buildings.

    Belmo Dingkor
  • a rare astrological system of 17th CE Jung Tsee known as the Thirteen Floating Diagrams or the Spirals of the Bird - inc trans and mod example.

  • Dasa
  • Dasa or Za-gu are the Kar Tsee technique of Life Periods based upon the  calculation of the Life Span

  • Lo-tho



    - here is a description of the contents of the 19 sections of the Tibetan Almanac.

  • information and examples of Tibetan calculation systems

  • Gyu-Kar and Tun-yeh

  • the Tun-yeh are compounded or derived meanings of the Kalacakra constellations- here is 27 symbols collected by the late Prof. Jhampa Gyaltsen Dagthon.

  • Jor-wa

    the Jor -wa are the 27 combinations located by the relationship of the sun to the moon on any day.

    Lo-gen Du-chu
  • The interpreations for the Sixtty Year Cycle of elemental astrology

  • Fifteen Conjunctures

  • These fifteen are used to determine the qualities of the day.

  • Sa-dak
  • Sadak are the 'spirits' or elemental forces of the earth and differenet realms- a difficult topic but we've made a start here

  • Controversial Issues
  • there are many controversial issues in Tibetan Astrology today.  Many arise simply from the current lack of clear unbiased information, others from the real complexities and  issues facing Tibetan astrologers today.   Especially important of these is a real need for accurate information on Kalacakra astrology in its original form for persons living in modern western societies.