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Time measurement in Tibetan Kalacakra Astronomy.

Unlike the western division of the Zodiac great circle into 360º composed of twelve signs of 30º each, the Tibetan measurement of the astronomical circle relies upon a division of the great circle into 1620 Gyukar chu ser (Tib.rgyu skar chu tsod) composed of 27 GyuKar (Skt. Naksatra ; Tib: rGyu sKar) or constellations each containing 60 rgyu skar chu tsod.  Each of the Gyukar contains 4 feet (Skt. pada; Tib. rkang pa) and so as in the table below.
each chu tsod is divided into 60

360º              =  1620 Gyukar chu tsod
1º                 = 4.5 º = 4º30"


  •   1620 Gyukar chu tsod
  •   each Gyukar has 60 chu tsod
  •  chu tsod hour also each GyuKar has 4 rkang pa
  •  chu srang minute each rkang pa has 15 chu tsod
  •  dbugs second each chu tsod has 60 chu srang
  •   each chu srang has 6 dbugs
  •  cha shas like a minor
  •  division of
  •  second
  •  but only used for calcualtion

  • each sign (30º) has 9 rknag pa 135 chu tsod 8100 chu srang amd so on

    dal rkang =
    0 (rkang sdom)
    6 (yang gyur chu tsod)
    53 (yang gyur srang)
    2 (dbugs)
    80 (cha shas)

    each dbugs is divided into chas shas and has a different division according to the planet concerned in any particular calculation.  These are caled cha shas of the planet and are very important in calculation.

    There are very interesting reasons for these divisions which relate to the Kalacakra Tantra and the Mandalas.  More on this to be added.