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**  MoonRays  **

MoonRays, uses the official geluk calendar, to calculate the main features of Elemental Astrology.

Jung Tsee, The Calculation of the Elements, is one of the most important traditional systems of examining and diagnosing the relalationship of the 20 elements.

  •  100 year Tibetan Calendar to 2024 - Pug-pa system [official system of Dalai Lama]
  •  Jung Tsee - The Calculation of the Elements
  •  Birth year, month, day, hour and the 20 elemental features
  •  Spread of the stones

  • each of the five energies meets the other elements in hard and soft relationship
  •  Kek Tsee - The Yearly Calculation [prediction]
  •  The five energies of sok, lus, wang, lung, la for each
  •  Elemental relationships

  •  also some Kar Tsee features included in MoonRays
  •  Life span calculation [traditional method]
  •  Za-Gu the Life periods table [dasa <> antaradasa]
  •  Kalacakra moments



    developed by Kim Lai, Chris Lai and Tsering Dolma Drungtso.

    For Windows 95 on -

    Version alpha 1.01 still available:

    MoonRays CD  $AUD 25.00  inc GST and postage in Australia, add $AUD 7.00 for International Air Mail orders.

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