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An Introduction to a Tibetan Healing Art .
October  30th - 31st     9am -5pm
 Newdegate Health Centre
 107 Newdegate St.   West Hobart

About this Seminar/workshop weekend:
TIBETAN ASTROLOGY originates within two distinct systems of astro-science; the cycles of animals and elements known as Elemental Astrology or JUNG-TSEE, and the Wheel of Time or KAR-TSEE.  Developing hand in hand with Tibetan Medicine the Tibetan astro-sciences are considered Healing Arts for the mind and the deeper dimensions of awareness/being.  This type of Îastrologyâ is more easily understood through the context of Transpersonal psychology, than popular western astrology and its fortune telling approaches.  Tibetan astrology is a highly delveoped science on par with Medicine.
  • Through THIS SEMINAR you will gain several understandings of:-
  • The Tibetan Kalacakra Zodiac.
  • The elements, animals and energies of the Tibetan Elemental Zodiac.
  • The Tibetan esoteric  view of the chakras & how they circulate the ten planetary energies in relation to the planetary cycles.
  • The subtle anatomy of the Internal Cosmos with its channels of planetary energy/consciousness.
  • The 6th Element, ÎInternal Awarenessâ and the relation of energy and awareness in the psychology of ÎTimeâ.
  • The hourly, daily, monthly & yearly cycles of sidereal and elemental forces and its effects in your life events, health and general well being.
  • A unique understanding of Dachen, the Celestial Dragon, the Tibetan symbolism for the moonâs nodes, and their importance to inner consciousness and meditation.
  • An introduction to some therapeutic and transpersonal techniques which activate the healing potentials of the body/mind, and integrate and balance chakras, planets  & elements, thereby generating more positive life  conditions.
  • More about this seminar.

    The Tibetan Astrology of
     Kalachakra and Yangchar.
    MELBOURNE        November 6th & 7th
    The Centre of Awareness
    294 Smith Street, Collingwood.

    About this Seminar/workshop weekend:
    This weekend expands upon the astronomy and astrology of Kalacakra and Yangchar providing a practical training in the major traditional principles and techniques of Tibetan Kar Tsee Astrology.

    Kar-Tsee, literally means the
    * White Calculation * due to the fact that this system originated in Buddhist India in the period when Indians were identified by Tibetans as the Îwearers of white clothingâ. The system, which was a part of the Kalacakra teachings, was adopted by Tibet in the 11th Century, before it dissappeared from India.  Kar Tsee was also influenced by the Svarodhayatantra [Yangchar] which was an Indian Sivaite astrological exegesis of  greater antiquity.  This astro-text was also lost within the Indian tradition but preserved in Tibet.

    During this weekend participants will be introduced to the theory of the Siddhanta [byed pa] and Karana [grub pa] systems of astronomical calculation, and learn the simplified method of calculation developed by the late Professor Jhampa Gyaltsen Dagthon, which uses a standard western ephemeris.  The traditional interpretation systems for the Kar Tsee charts will be presented through an interpretative manual recently translated from the Tibetan texts.  This has been compiled from Kim and Tsering's work, is essential for this weekend, and is therefore included in the course fee.

    Topics include: the 1620 degree system of Tibetan astronomical calculation, the five inclusive calendric horoscope features, the systems of determining planetary strength and power, harmony and enmity, the Life Span calculation, the 27 Tibetan Constellations, their meanings, symbolic images and star patterns, the ÎDuration of Lifeâ Periods; the 'Deceiving of Death' calculation, the natural meditation moments, Tibetan images and meanings for planets, zodiac signs, houses, constellations; combinations [yogas] and conjunctions, five major yangchar wheels, and ritual and other remedies for rebalancing chart disharmonies.

    This is the first time anywhere that these authentic Tibetan astrological materials have been made available to English speaking persons, and participants can be confident that they will be receiving the most accurate and up to date information on Tibetan astrology currently available.

    Pre-requisite:  Attendance at a previous Tibetan Astrology introductory workshop, or other demonstrated aptitude  with Astrology or Esoteric Buddhism.

    Participants who attend this weekend have the option of completing a practical assignment task.   Upon  successful completion of the task they will be issued a Statement of Attainment in Kar Tsee I.