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MORE about the Tibetan Astrology Introductory Workshop:

Whilst meeting many expectations of an astrological technique, a most distinctive feature of the KALACHAKRA ASTROLOGICAL TRADITION is its roots within  the Highest Yoga Tantra system of Kalachakra (Wheel of Time).  The highest aim of this Tantra, in the Practice Tradition, is to yogically activate transformative processes within the subtle body, which leads to the highest states of transpersonal awareness.

This Kalachakra Astrology is based upon the calculation of the signs, constellations and planetary motions.  It incorporates an extensive understanding of the anatomy, physiology and psychology of the chakras, channels, subtle winds and drops, from the Buddhist Tantric view.  The cycling of these energies within the body intimately relates to the cyclic states of consciousness which underlie lifeâs experiences and events.  At the deeper levels this science reveals the ÎPsychological Nature of Timeâ.

ÎTIMEâ can be considered in three ways:-

a.  as the mechanism for calculating the
 motions  of the sun, moon and planets.
b.   as the sequential and continually cyclic
 arisal of mental and emotional states.
c.  as the primordial sixth element, the
  innermost dimension of   transpersonal
 awareness and Îinternal awakeningâ.

This SIXTH ELEMENT of Îawakened internal Timeâ is a unique feature of the Kalachakra, and a keystone of its rich spiritual psychology.  Through this level the external effects of cyclic time can be altered and ultimately transformed.  Kimâs integration of several of these esoteric psychological principles with modern transpersonal astrology is developing into a comprehensive astrological interpretative method, with some very effective therapeutic and transpersonal techniques.

The second branch of Tibetan Astrology is known as Jung-Tsee- ELEMENTAL ASTROLOGY.  This system is the one most commonly employed for the delineation of auspicious and inauspicious periods in oneâs life, as the means of judging compatibility between persons, and the astrological delineations employed in the diagnosis of illness and the processes of death.

Tibetans claim its origin  within the pre-Buddhist Bon religion of Tibet, and it still carries a strong influence of the shamanic practices of early Tibetan culture.  From a personâs birth date & time a chart of twenty unfolding elements is calculated, with an animal sign and five elements assigned for each of year, day, month and hour of birth.  A natal interpretation is thereby attained, which then undergoes periodic cycling, with various outcomes as life progresses.

These systems view health and happiness, or illness and conflict, as the interplay between the elemental forces of nature and the energies of the body/mind.   They are considered essential knowledge for the practice of Tibetan medicine.  Since Tibetan Astrology is considered one of the healing arts, there are no rigid or fatalistic delineations or predictions necessary.  Consequently, it is the astrologers task to prescribe remedies for the disharmonies identified.  These may include the production of amulets, the taking of special medicines, repetition of particular sound patterns, meditative practices, humanitarian actions, or in some cases, the employment of shamanic rituals.

THIS SEMINAR is an introduction and overview of Tibetan astrological practices, and introduces some transpersonal techniques for the harmonisation of the chakras and elements.  It is essential material for those who seek orientation within the field of Tibetan Astrology, and a pre-requisite for those wishing to undertake further studies in Tibetan  Astro Science, through Tibetan Astrology Australia.  Your Tibetan charts are incorporated into your seminar manual to assist in making the material personally relevant.

ãThis seminar, distilled from the teachings of the Tibetan astrological and yogic masters, represents the culmination of many years of working and growing within the context of transpersonal astrology.  Within the Tibetan view there is no separation between the cycles of the outer Cosmos, and the psychology of the internal Cosmos of the chakras, channels, winds and drops.  This astrology is not just about the effects of the ÎStarsâ upon the individual, but is equally about the individuals effect within, and upon, the Cosmos.

äYour Tibetan Astrological Charts are calculated as a part of this workshop:

Discover how the interplay between the planets, constellations, stars, and elements with yourself creates psychological states and their resultant life experiences and events.  In the transpersonal approach to Tibetan astrology a number of your charts are explored.  These sets of charts are unique to Tibetan astrology, and have valuable psychological & spiritual applications.  Seminar participants have their charts calculated for them, in easy to follow text formats, to assist with comprehension of the material presented, however an in depth interpretation/diagnosis and remediation from your charts and their unique features is best undertaken through a personal consultation.

For MORE INFORMATION read the whole article by Kim.  [25K].

Kimâs work -
- Astrology in the Wheel of Time Tantra -
is available to seminar participants.