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Info on Mewa from Tsering Dolma  Copyright 1999.

Mewa (The nine magic square numbers):

Mewa literally means black mole or pot on the skin which was appear in the body.  There are nine Mewa in the Tibetan Elemental Astrology system.  The nine magic square number(nine Mewa) are arranged in the form of a quadratic square or circle, and the figures usually, in a magic square, so disposed to give the same total in all directional.  Mewa symbolised by the number from one to nine which are connected with the nine orifices in the body that we call (bu kha gu).  It can be calculated only by number, one being the base or starting point of all number, while 9 is their extreme limit.  Beyond 9 is zero and in order to begin counting again one has to start again from one in order to obtain 11, 12, 13 etc  on to infinity.  All the nine Mewa have a specific colour; 1, 6, 8 are White, being symbolically of the element  of Iron; black for 2, and blue for 3 Mewa represents the element of Water, while the 4 which is green , represents wood and the fifth figure being yellow represents the element of Earth; the 7th and 9th Mewa represent the element of fire.  Among the Mewa number “2” is the stronger one.  Each year is not only related to an animal sing, but also s Meba and Parkha.  This year Mewa is number “2” .  If someone is born in this year they may become famous if they do well.
Yearly Mewa will always decrease in order number.  Let’s say the Mewa no. this year is  “2” and next year is “1”, in 2000 year, the yearly Mewa is “9”.  Mewa numbers 2, 5, 8 are always ruled by the strongest four animal signs that is Tiger , Monkey, Pig and Snake.  1, 4 and 7 are ruled by the  four middle animal sings i.e Mouse, Horse, Bird and Hare (Rabbit).  3, 6 and 9 are ruled by the four Thachung (Poor signs) -Ox, Sheep, Dog and Dragon.

There are one hundred and eighty year cycle subdivided in three sixty year cycles, combining each Mewa with each of the years of the sixty year cycle (Logan dugchu) resulting from the combination of the twelve  year cycle with the five elements.  The 1st metreng start from the Mewa number one, White counting backward ends at Mewa number after 60 years, (sMe phreng gong mai gchig dkar nas drug chu grans ldong lnnga ru sad) IInd metreng start from the 4 Mewa and ends at 8 (De nas bar pai bzhi la brgongs brgyad zad) and the last metreng start 7,  after 180 years with Mewa number 2 (sMe phreng vog mai bdun la ‘khor de yi tha ma gnyis su zad).  Thus, combining the white Mewa number one with the first year of the cycle, that is the Wood Mouse male year, counting forward or backward, only after three sixty year cycles that is , after one hundred and eighty year, does there again recur the white Mewa number one combined with the Wood Mouse male year.  Such a period or temporal cycle is called menkhor, “cycle of the Mewa, or day of the Mewa (at times mezhag), while the three 60 year cycles composing it are called the first, second and third metreng.


        4       9         2

        3       5         2
         8       1        6