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Links to other sites containing infomation on Tibetan Astrology and related info -


Tibetan Astrology [Denmark]

This site is produced by Taina Kumpulainen and has very good info on Elemental Astrology.


Men Tsee Khang

Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute of His Holiness the Dalai Lama

This site has some good articles on Tibetan Astrology from the Traditional perspective.


The Berzin Archives has sections on Tibetan Astrology from the traditional perspective

Tibeto-Mongolian Astrology and Karma

The Tibetan Astro Sciences

The International Kalacakra Network  has extensive information on Kalacakra and a section on Tibetan Astrology


Jhampa Kalsang is a traditional Tibetan Astrologer who has also his own site developing
but for the moment visit Tibetdomani for his book Tibetan Astro Sciences

Asian Astrology and Tibetan Buddhism


Snow Lion Practice Calendar

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