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Gyu-kar:  The 27 Constellations

The Gyu-kar (rGyu sKar) are the 27 Constellations used in Tibetan Kar Tsee astrology.  For calculation purposes the 27 gyukar are numbered from 0 to 27.  each has its distinct qualities and favourable and unfavourable characteristics which you will find below.   These come the Bekar.  Also in our research we found that there were deeper meanings hidden in the Tun-yeh for each Constellation.  These Tun-yeh and can be understood to be images holding keys to the deeper understandings of the constellations.  They may have an origin in ancient shamanic astrology but this is yet to be clarified.  In any case the images of the stars and the actual star are of deepest importance once the astrologer progresses into deeper level studies.  These Tun-yeh (tha snyad), which means derived or compounded meanings, are from teachings on Kalacakra Astronomy collected by the late Prof. Jhampa Gyaltsen Dagthon, who knew all the bright stars of the sky.  As such the astrologer can use these symbols to uncover the deeper meanings in the constellations.

Copyright 1997.

  • 0- Thakar



    Has three stars shaped like the neck of the horse.

    tha snyad (Tun yeh)- Gsal bai bu mo:  Sal bey Pumo: Clear woman;
    rTa ldan ma:  Ta den Ma;  Horse ....
    dbyug pa: Yuk Ba : a stick or branch.

    favourable : the performing of peaceful activities and going to war.  This constellaiton is unfavourable building houses and blood letting, moxibustion, giving bribes, for sending infants to other residences outside of the family.

    If someone is born in this constellation will live 60 to 80 years, will have a sharp tongue, a good physical appearance.  You are interested in dance, musical instruments, and you enjoy travelling.

    For the skar chung of the constellation thakar - bold and daring, favourable wrathful activities and sending the dead body to the cemetary ground.
    rem- if it is covered then you have to get the foerhead of a horse effigy and keep it with you.

  • 1- Dranye (Tan yeh)



    has three stars in the shape of the secret parts (sexual organs) of a female.

    tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    -gshin rje ma; (Shin Jay Ma); Lord of the Dead,
    -sGeg mo; (Gekmo) The Dancing Girl; charming damsel

    favourable : cremation, receiving initiations, naming of a child, (traditionally named within first three weeks, nowadays they ask to the office of the Dalai lama for a name), buying of horses and other animals, helping of windows.
    unfavourable sending bribes, avoid doing virtuous deeds,

    unfavourable: incence buring ceremony , building houses, sowing seeds- do both peaceful and productive activities

    A person born in this constellation will have a stable mind, will be less prone to illness and always speaks the truth, becomes expert in arts and handicrafts- an intelligent and kind hearted person.  This person has less vulnerability to headache, eye and phlegm diseases.

    skar chung- phung rgyab - may face conflicts in the country side.  To cover over (to veil) this influence - the forehead/skull of an ox and a sheep - keep it on yourself.

  • 2- Mindru (mindu)

  • has six stars in the sshape of a sharp knife.

    sMin drug-tha snyad (Tun yeh)-Mang po skyes; (Mung Bo Kyay) the Many Growing
    Karti ka; skt. (seems to be same as Madruk)
    sPun drug; Poon Druk : The six relatives.
    ma drug (Ma Druk) The six mothered.

    favourable: burnt ofereings, giving alms and making medicine, wearing ornaments, meetings with relatives and the ‘horse riding ceremony’.  favourable washing hair and virtuouss deeds.

    unfavourable: planting flowers and trees, unfavourable husband if sending bribes, unfavourable making water channels and for sowing fields.

    A person born in this constellation will increase thier wealth and property, may become very learned,  they are bold, daring and will enjoy better conditions in latter life than in the earlier.  may suffer from eye disease.

    skar chung- ‘it is good when the sun rises at the top’- to viel the influence you have to show the image of he forehead/skull of the monkey (to any direction)

  • 3 - Narma



    has five stars in the shape of chariot.

    sNar ma- tha snyad (Tun yeh)-

    bi zi; (Bizi)
    dal bai lha ldan ma; (Talwa la denma) the Liesurely goddess [of the five star gods. ]
    sKye dgui bdag po. (Key ku dak bo)  Lord of All beings

    favourable: buying and selling, blood letting, also peaceful activities, making medicine, recieveing money and animals form others, favourable contrcting buildings, studying and incence burning ceremony.

    unfavourable: both sending and recvieng bribes, avaiod working with dead bodies.

    A person born in this constellation will live a long life span and have attractive body and smart and beautiful, brave hearted, you will triumph over your enemies, you may become weatlhy and religious minded with less evasive tendency (ie is not an evasive person)

    skar chung - the goddeses of prosperity, recieving intiation from outside is good, to cover up - show the forehead/skull of adog in an outward direction in front.

  • 4- Go



    has three stars in the shape of head of wild animal.  (ri dags)

     mGo-tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    -sMal po (Malbo) The Deer headed
    -mGo skyes; Go kay- The Head Born
    Ri dags mgo; (Ridakgo)- The wild animal Head
    zla skyes.- (Da kay) - The Moon Born.[also a name for Wednesday}

    favourable : planting flowers and trees, to make offering to the deity, commencing to build a new home, favourable working the fields, wrathful activities,

    unfavourable: sending money to outside, avoid working with dead bodies, receiving bribe is good bad unfavourable sending,

    A person born in this constellation you are a religious person and worhipper of gods, alwasy speak the truth, bold with a clear mind and may becoem wealthy.  may face conflicts and suffer epidemic diseases.

    skar chung- if some is dies in this skar chung this is bad.  Toi viel the influence show the forehead/skull of deer from your side.

  • 5- Lak  (Luk)



    has one star in the shape of a thig le ie drop or zero.  The caste is dmang po (common people)  Diet is water and blood.  God is gtum drag (fierce and powerful) this is the soul of the butcher.

    lag-tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    Nagmo ; (Nakmo) the Black (ie. Kali)
    drag mo ; (Takmo) The Fearful [woman]
    drag shul ma (Takshulma): The Fierce [woman]
    dmag dpon dgra; (mak purn da) ; The Enemy Commander

    It is favourable : completing virtuous deeds, washing hair, favourable planting flowers and trees, makng water channels,

    unfavourable:  burnt offereing and peaceful and ausopicious activities,, to make offering to the deityand workng with dead bodies.  unfavourable husband if you send a bribe.

    A person born in this constellation is a bit egotistical, but has less evasiveness, you will come accross many friends and colleagues.  If you put blood in the mouth of a dog (effigy) then circumambulate with sick people then you will enjoy good health and increase wild animals.  [you are interested in bad works, and never do good activities, then you may become poor and stupid.]

    no skar chung for there is no kar chung between lak and nabso

  • 6- Nabs so (Nabso)



    has two stars in the shape of dogs back feet.

    -tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    sbyin moi’ lhamo ;  (Jin may Lhamo ) Goddess of Gifts.
    shukra ma; Skt.
    rgyal stod. (Gyel der): King Of Upper [regions]

    favourable: incence burning and also the calling in of blessings, if blessings are called in under this influence you will become wealthy and prosperous.(gyang ‘gug) favourable burnt offering, stufying, writing, making mandalas, and laying the foundations of buildings, repaying loans, making medicine, astro caclulation and divinations of all types, favourable bloodleting and moxibution, recviing initiation and peaceful activities,

    medium good /unfavourable sending corpses,

    unfavourable:  sinful deeds, spending money, destroying the house of dieties (lha khang) sending bribes is bad but recieving them is good.

    A person born in this constellation well disciplined, has good financial status, but is a bit foolish by nature, stable mind with less illnesses,
    is very kindhearted.

    skar chung- unfavourable doing (zhal che) during the midday, to veil this influence use forehead/skull of pig to the directions.

  • 7.  rGyal (gyal)



    has three stars in the shape of a cylinder.

    -tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    bla mai’ lha ldan; (larmay larden) the Deity of Lamas
    sbyor ldan ma; (Jor denma)- The Prosperous.
    rgyal smad; (Gyel Mey); King of Lower [regions]
    grub ba; (Dupba): The Complete
    tsim byed: (Tsim Jay)- the Satisfied

    favourable : receiveing money and animals from others, givng names to children, making water channels, making medicines, divination and astrological calculation, receiving initiation, and peaceful ad pdcuctive and auspicious activities, planting trees,

    Unfavourable:  avoid attending to business matters, sowing seeds in fields, constructing buildings, avoid washing hair, if you do these activities he results may become unfavourable you, unfavourable sending bribes but favourable recieing them,

    A person born in this constellation is a religious person fond of giving alms and hard working, well built body- good constitution and appearanvces, sharp tongue, interest in arts and handicrafts, you may become leanred person and have good finances, but your mind and body are unstable, not remaining in one place but may removals and changes, you may suffer illnesses in the lower parts of the body.

    skar chung- guests may come at midnight, its is bad if you do any activities, to veil this influence show the head of a goat to the directions

  • 8- sKag (Kuk)



    has six stars in the shape of the expanded hood of the cobra.  caste is the lineage of medicine, god is like the snake.  Diet is meat of snake.

    -tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    gdengs chan lha mo; (Deng chen Lhamo) Goddess with the Dragon’ Tail [Vasuki}
    wa. (Wa) - The Fox [Tibetan fox]

    favourable : repayemtns of laons, making irrigation channels, planting trees, favourable wrathful activities,

    unfavourable - avoid divination and astro calculation and auspicious and virtuous deeds, reciving initiation as well as peaceful activities.  Avoid making buildings, avoid studying, and important activities, avoid cha mchu, avoid both sending and reciveing bribes, sending corpse,

    A person born in this constellation is a bit foolish by nature, but physically beautiful in appearance, you may have a shortlived relationship with your parents, you are lavish with money but also hard working.  you have a short temper, and are more interested in bad work than good.

    skar chung-  it is and for you to work in the time of midnight, to veil this influence show a forehead/skull of mouse to the directions.

  • 9- mChu- (Chew)



    has six stars in the shape of a river. Caste is (gser skyai), god is pen pa (saturday).

    -tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    pha mes ; (Par May) The Paternal Ancestor
    lha skyes ; (Lha Kay) God of Birth
    snyan ngag mkhan; (Nyen Nga Khan) - The Poet
    rta chen. (Ta chen);  The Great Horse

    favourable : blood letting and moxibustion, recieving money and purchasing horses and animals, favourable peaceful work,

    unfavourable:  building houses, incence burning ceremony, washing hair, avoid planting flowers nad trees as well as prayer flag ceremony (lung ta), unfavourable sending your wet wealth (wet wealth ie animals and such type possession nb. dry wealth is like money and jewels), unfavourable both sending and recieving bribes,

    A person born in this constellation you will love telling lies, you may have lots of friends and colleague and good financial status, interest in arts and hadicrafts,  you are a hard working person interested in virtuous deeds, religious minded,

    skar chung- sri rta rkang gnyis  means it is unfavourable all activities and yoiu should avoid these, dip na to viel the influence show forehead/skull of the snake to the directions.

  • 10.  Gre (Te)



    has two stars in the shape of feet of human being.  caste is (gzhon rtsi moi khyi).  Diet is rice and (til tsig ma)

    -tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    rTa chung, (Da chung) - The Little Horse
    ‘tsho ba skyes pa. (Tso ba kay ba);  Phrase relating to an occupation kreywords are Life -birth yet top find out. (not the lake born tso as Cornu says)

    favourable:  receiving wealth and animals, also initiation, icnence buirning ceremony, divinationa and astro calculations, drawing mandalas, also favourable burnt offerings,

    Unfavourable:  avoid blood leting and moxibustion, sending animla and wealth to to others, washing hair, lung ta ceremony, water channels, giving names, sending and reciveing bribes are both bad,

    A person born in this constellation is evasive with bit desire and stingey, you love clothes and ornaments and taking and listening, interesst inhandicrafts, you are soft spoken, love eating, and may face minor illnesses,

    skar chung- tse gza theu rkang - unfavourable doing activities at the midday.
    to veil the influence show head of (byel) to the directions

  • 11-dBo (Wo or just O)



    has two stars in the shape of throne.  caste is (ma he ca), diet is (cra).  god is shin rje- lord of the dead or th egod of the lower regions.

    -tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    phyi mo; (chi mo)- The Grandmother
    nyi mai’ lha ldan; (Nyi May Lha den) The Sun God
    khra  (Ta); The Falcon
    sBo (Bo): The Upper Belly
    NB not tawo the multicoloured as in Cornu.

    favourable :  recieving (tses sgrubs) long life puja, and the (zor) ceremony for combating evil spirits, askinghair, meeting relaitves, divinations and astro calculation, constructing buiooldings, giving names, putting up prayer flags, virtuous deeds, wending and rediving bribes both, and for peaceful activities and sending money and poperty, making irrigation channels,

    unfavourable:  planrting flowers and trees, sending yaks goats sheep,

    A person born in this constellation will become wealthy, loves to give alms, and honest person, .loves travelling, but a little foolish at times, well discipined,

    skar chung- do not take out the eatables at the time of 7 to 8 pm amd it is bad at midday whatever you do.
    to veil the influence - show a forehead/skull of bear.

  • 12.  Me zhi (me shi)



    has five stars in the shape of a human hand.  Caste is (‘od srung) Kasyapa buddha.  God is fire diety.  Diet is chicken.

    -tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    bya ma; (Ja Ma) The Hen (not jamata the messenger/courier)
    rig byed; (Rik Jay)  Accomplished Knowledge. (ie. rik je shi is the 4 Vedas)
    ‘don dag. (Don duk) [The completely expelled] check

    favourable:  drawing mandalas, making buildings, making medicine, favourable students and scholars, divination and astrological calculation, working in agri fields, receiveing initiations, both peaceful and wrathful activities,

    Unfavorable:  avoid planting flowers and trees, unfavourable business, sending yak either male and female and sheep and also unfavourable recieving domestic animals,

    A person born in this constellation will have a well built body, sharp tongue, interests inarts and handicraft, but a little proud, loves to travel, good wealth, evasive,

    skar chung- lu gu sna zhes pa- it is good reciveing goat etc.
    to veil the influence show the forehead/skull of the buffalo to the directions.

  • 13- Nakpa (nakpa)



    has one star in the shape of heart of the lotus. caste is  sa lai shing glong.  God is the sun diety.  Diet is fruits.

    ta nyeh = to be checked
    13.  Nagpa-tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    bya a’u; (Ja vu):  check later
    zla bai’ thog ma; (da bay tok ma) lit. =The beginning of the month.
    byad ldan ma. (jey den ma) : check later

    favourable:  drawing the mandalas, washing hair, receiving money and domestic animals, preparing medicines, working in the fields and sowing seed, recieving goat and yaks, and virtuous deeds,

    unfavourable: divination or astro calculation, making irigation channels, unfavourable both peaceful and wrathful activities, givning names, if you send a bribe then female will die, .

    A person born in this constellation will be fond of song and musical instruments, will have a sharp tongue, intelligence and will speak the truth, but with a bit of desire, loves to wear differetn clothes,

    skar chung- bag ma sna rum zhes - it is unfavourable the bride,
    to veil the influence show the forehead/skull of the tiger to the directions

  • 14- Sari (saree)



    has one star in the shape of jewel (nor bu)  caste is ri chen. (gem and stone).  God is dietyt of wind.   Diet is (phye dang til thug bal sran).

    -tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    rlung gi lha mo; (lungee lhamo) Goddess of the Wind
    rlung dbang phyug; (Lung wang chuk): The Wind of Mahadeva
    sav tiv; (SKT.)
    nam gong. (Nam kong)  lit. the previous night -cjheck later = High Sky Vision

    favourable: the monks, students, and scholars, drawing mandala, preparing medicines, working the fields, constructing irrigaqtion channels, blood letting and moxibustion, working with corpse

    unfavourable: constructing buildings, avoid wrathful activities,

    A person born in this constellation will enjoy good wealth, has a beautiful face, may be loved by high people and hated by lower eople, however succumbs to jealously and stinginess.  Interest in composing poems and other wirtings.  Honest and religous.

    skar chung- srin mo me khyer - avoid doing (yo long) in the 3 month ie horse month.
    to veil the influence show the forehead/skull of a (mnol) (maybe- when marriage occurs too close in the family like cousin then the child born will have problems and is called a mnol as well.)

  • 15- Saga (saka)



    has four stars in the shape of a goats head.  Caste is mtsan dbang po.   God is fire diety.  Diet is (til) and flowers.

    -tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    Be sha kha; (Bashaka);  A name of a Tibetan Medical herb Bashaka
    rgyud ldan ma; (Gyu denma): She who has knowledge of the Tantra
    dbang po lha ldan; (Wang bo lhaden) God of Power
    nam ‘og; (Low Sky Vision)

    favourable:  receiving intitiation, repaying loans, agricultural work, recvieing bride but unfavourable sending a bride,

    unfavourable:  constructing buildings, preparing medicine, and both peaceful and productive activities, washing hair, divination and astrol calculation, creating a garden and planting flowers and trees,  medium good/unfavourable buying land,

    A person born in this constellation is majestic, has good wealth and comes acros many friends and women, you will enjoy better years in later life than in the preceding, may be an inteligent and leqrned person but a tendency to jealousy and stinginess,

    skar chung- ‘blu mo thang skyon- whatever activiiteis you perform will have a good outcome.
    to veil the influence show the forehead of forehead/skull of tiger to the directions.

  • 16- Lha tsam (latsum)



    has four stars in the shape of an elephant. Caste is dmang rig - common people.   God is the sun diety.  Diet is chang (alchohol) and sran chung and honey.

    16.  Lha tsams-tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    Lag sor;  (Lak sor) : coloq. The Handful of Water; lit. The fingers of the hand.
    Anu rada; Skt.
    mza’ boi’ lha.  (Zawo lha) The God of Friends

    favourable:  virtuous deeds, washing hair, and bloodleting and moxibustion, reciving tse sgrub (long life ceremnony), favourable agricultural work in the fields, and sowing seed, receiving scholars and students,

    unfavourable:  constructing buildings, peaceful activities, avoid sending bride for ther is chances of facing separation with the future spouse,

    A person born in this constellation is well disciplined, has a sharp tongue a well built body, is intelligent religious, and intellectual, loves children, everyone loves and praises this person behaviour.

    skar chung- bum ldan zhes bya ba - you must avoid all activities
    to veil the influence show the forehead/skull of (khri snyan) to the directions.

  • 17- sNron

  • has four stars in the shape of them skes   caste is lha dbang po   Diet is rice and noodle rice.

    sNron- (Nern) -tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    ldeu: (Deeoh)- The -check later
    gdu bu: (Dubu) The Bracelet
    lha dbang ldan: (lha wangden) Godly Power
    Zaye kha. (Zayeka) Skt.

    favourable for:  gyang ‘gugs, to make offering to the deity, blood letting and moxabustion, planting trees.

    unfavourable for:  making building and road, making medicine, divination and astro. calculation, giving names, water channels, peaceful and productive activities , and also both sending and receiving brides.

    A person born in this constellation are well disciplined, may become poor interest in bad work, good heart.

    skar chung called chen ma, unfavourable the tailors.
    to veil the influence show the forehead/skull of monkey from your side.

  • 18.  sNrubs

  • It has nine stars in the shape of  scorpio, cast is katyana, diet is milk, nags za

    Snrubs-tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    sogs pa : (Sokpa) The Hoard
    mu la: (Mula) skt The Root.
    rZa ba. (Zawa) The Root

    favourable for: constructing building, divination and astro. calculation, start peacuful activities,  take wealth and property from others,  wrathful activities, mdos and gtor ma ceremony.

    unfavourable for: putting prayer flags, giving names, water channels, burnt offerings, unfavourable both sending and receiving bride.

    A person born in this constellation are bit egotistic, interested in bad activities, less illnesses.

    skar chung ‘khru mo skyes,  unfavourable sending children.
    to veil the influence show the forehead/skull of peacock and show from your side.

  • 19.  Chu stod

  • has four stars in the shape of  stupa, cast is katayi, diet is
    Chu sTod- (Chu ter) - High Water:

    tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    Pur wa kha ta: skt.
    chu lha ldan:  (Chu Lhaden) God of Water
    bre (De) : The Measuring Vessel (used in tib for measuring instead of weight)

    favourable:  washing hair,buying animals  like horse and land, constructing buildings, receiving long life ceremony, giving names,

    unfavourable: sending wealth to others, peaceful and productive activities, work related with dead body, water channels, bad for the bride.

    A person born in this constellation are a religious, interest in handicraft and other activities,

    skar chung khye vu rgyab byed, favourable every activities.
    to veil the influence show the body of the capricorn.

  • 20.  Chu sMad

  • has four stars in the shape of  bre,cast is rtag gu, diet is sbrang yos

     Chu smad-(Chu mey) - Low Water
    tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    Utar kha ta: (skt.)
    phul: (Pull): The Offer[ing]
    sNa tshogs: (Na tsok); Everything [all] The Complete
    lha ldan; (lha den); dic. of the city of Lhasa because it has five miraculous images =check this should be god of

    favourable:  receiving wealth and ‘bru, constructing building, receiving long life ceremony,  divination and astro. calculation, planting flowers and trees, wash hairs, do auspicious work, making medicine, favourable sending and receiving bride, giving names, receiving initiation, peaceful and productive works.

    unfavourable : burning corpse, wrathful activities, sending zomo to outside.

    A person born in this constellation are you may become wealthy, honest, love  to give alms, you will come across many friends,

    skar chung rdeu thod dkar, favourable receiving bride and died.

    to veil the influence show the forehead/skull of dred.

  • 21.  Gro zhin

  • has three stars in the shape of  bre,cast is Movu gal, diet is fresh butter and chicken.

    Gro bzhin- (Toe shin)
    tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    A bhi rzi ta: skt.
    ‘phrog byed: (tok jey) God of the wind or sun or Lord of the Death.
    bon po bya pho. (pen po ja po): Male bird of the Bon

    favourable:  divination and astro. calculation, making medicine, blood letting and moxabustion, to make offering to the deity,

    unfavourable repaying loans, receiving bride, peaceful and wrathful activities.

    A person born in this constellation are
    skar chung redu go dmar favourable both live and death activities.

    to veil influences show the forehead/ skull of ox fom your side.

  • 22. Byi zhin

  • has three stars in the shape of

     Byi bzhin- (Ji Shin)
    tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    bya gzhug: (Ja shuk)  The Bird’s Tail
    sha wa na. (sha wa na) skt??

    favourable :

    unfavourable :
    A person born in this constellation are
    skar chung

    to veil influences

    ha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    Nam thong gong: (Nam tong kong) ;Upper Sky vision.
    sGrog stod: (dok ter) - The Upper Strap (Tie strap- rope string)
    Da ni kha : (Danika)
    thob ldan ma. (Top denma)  She who Obtains.

  • 22.  Mon dre

  • has four stars in the shape of  bird, caste is gnas ‘jog, deity is wealth of deity, diet chinese bean and cat meat,

    ha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    Nam thong gong: (Nam tong kong) ;Upper Sky vision.
    sGrog stod: (dok ter) - The Upper Strap (Tie strap- rope string)
    Da ni kha : (Danika)
    thob ldan ma. (Top denma)  She who Obtains.

    favourable: compounding medicine, business, constructing building, sowing seeds in the agriculture fields, to hold new house, wrathful activities and to gain authority, to make offering to the deitys, washing hairs.

    unfavourable:  working with corpse, sending wealth and animals like horse to outside, both sending and receiving bride , to saddle the horse, donkey and mew.

    A person born in this constellation are Kind hearted, expert in medicine, progress in wealth and have many child, hard working person, short temparament, bad nature, fond of dance and song, lavishly.

    skar chung

    to veil influences

  • 23.  Mondru



    has three stars in the shape of
    Mon dru-(Mon du)
    tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    sGrogs smed: (Tom mey)  Lower strap (tie rope etc)
    nam mthong ‘og: Lower sky vision
    sha ta bhi kha: (hata bika)
    chu lha mo. (chu lhamo) Goddess of Water

    favourable :

    unfavourable :

    A person born in this constellation are will be loved and cared by your family, less illnesses, have well built body, lavishly by nature, brave and broad minded person.

    skar chung

    to veil influences

  • 24.  Khrum stod

  • has two stars in the shape of  chariot,
    Khrum stod- (tum ter)  Upper x
    tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    Bya mchu: (The beak of the Bird)
    Ra yi lha mo: (The goddess of Goats)
    gnas ma. (Ney ma) The Residence

    favourable: offering to diety, burnt  offering, contructing buildings, compounding medicine, planting trees, giving names, virtual deeds, study arts and handicrafts,

    unfavourable:  washing hairs, making water channels, unfavourable sending and receiving bride so avoid it,

    A person born in this constellation are evasive, good wealth, affectionate towards your relatives, stingy.

    skar chung lu gu gnyis ldan, unfavourable ra ba ‘gro khar

    to veil influences show the forehead/skull of widow from your side.

  • 25.  Khrum smad

  • has two stars in the shape of  ears,
     Khrum smad- (tu mey)  Lower x
    tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    Utar bah dhra la: skt.
    skye vu: check later
    sbrul ‘ching. (dul ching) The Snake Bind

    favourable: making water channels, sowing seeds , working in the agriculture fields, planting trees, washing hairs, boiling alcohol, wrathful activities.

    unfavourable:  making offering to deity, gyang  ‘gugs(  ), constructing buildings, blood letting and moxabustion, making water channels, peaceful and productive activities, bride.

    A person born in this constellation are  fond of dance and song, religious, love to give alms, good wealth, honest person, well disciplined, intelligent and kind hearted person,

    skar chung

    to veil influences

  • 26.  Nam dru

  • has thirty two stars in the shape of  ship,
    tha snyad (Tun yeh)-
    bSo bai’ lha mo; the Goddess who Refreshes [or heals?? chekc]
    re ba ti: skt.
    Shes pa rgyas byed. (shey ba gyey jey) ; The Increase of Wisdom

    favourable:  wearing new cloths,constructing buildings, compounding medicines, virtual deeds, business,sowing seeds, washing hairs, working with corpse, blood letting and moxabustion,  giving names, planting trees.

    unfavourable: sending out your wealth and ‘bru.

    A person born in this constellation are  good to others, bold and brave,

    skar chung  las sna dros los, do not work at mid day and mid night.

    to veil influences show the forehead/skull of female widow from your side.