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DASA or ZA-GU:  The Life Periods.

The Kar Tsee dasa is the calculation system that determines the planetary periods of ones life during which particular chart features will manifest.  It is based upon a calculation of the Life Span for the person concerned and the proportional and sequential divisions of the 9 planetary cycles throughout this period.  In tibetan astrology it is called Za-gu [gza' dgu] and each Za-gu can be subdivided into sub periods called .  This method is not be confused with the Vedic Kalacakra Dasa and other Vedic Dasa systems since it has more variables and is based upon the Life Span calculation, and another calculation called the Chi-lu, as well as secret methods developed by individual astrologers, rather than just the moons gyu-kar or nakshatra as in the Vedic systems.

The following is a translation from our textual research on the effects to be observed.  These also suggest remedies to apply if you are experiencing the difficulties mentioned.  Of course these interpretations are only starting points for the practical astrologer and need to be examined in reference to a person's Kar Tsee chart when many more actual details can be observed.  Our expereince in using these periods has demonstrated that they are most useful in that one can immediately locate areas of present concern that are not discovered by other systems.

Interpretation of the Za-gu  [gza' dgu]  (Dasa Periods):

  • Sun period:

  • You decrease your earlier wealth and obtain a new source of wealth/income.  You are likely to face separation with your nearest relatives and friends and you are prone to suffer heat, blood and bile disorders.  You are hardly to fulfil your wishes and also face hesitation regarding your activities.  Even if you fulfil your wishes then some problems will still emerge.
    Offer copper and swath (sung dang dar dmar) of red colour.  (eg. peice of red cloth) to monk or monastery.
    Write the 12 symbols or names of zodiac signs and put red prayer flag on it.
  • Moon period:

  • You enjoy deep sleep and receive clothes and ornaments from others.  You can easily fulfil your wishes, come accross (ie you will meet) near and dear ones and also friends.  You will rise victorious and your enemies will be defeated.  This is a big rise in your wealth and property.  You will enjoy good health with less illnesses and obstacles.  But you may face bad mouth or offences from your relatives or bad women.
    Remedy:  none ie peaceful period
  • Mars period:

  • You will come accross sudden enemies and may face conflcits or disputes with your near and dear ones.  You may face sudden obstacles in your wishes and deline in your wealth.  Likewise, your are prone to suffer from blood and bile disorders.  There is also great chance of house fire.
    Give money and tea to the group of monks.  a
    Aso write your name on a piece of paper or cloth and place it in the south east direction (ie like a prayer flag.)
  • Dachen period: (rahu)

  • You will face separation from relatives and also misery from this separation.  Your near and dear ones or spouse may face sudden health hazards.
    Recite tashi zeg pa mdo  (scripture) -
    Give alms of chang to men  (nowadays  drinks are given to both sexes)
    Place new clothes and ornaments on the top of the prayer flag pole- this will help you defeat your enemies.
  • Jupiter period:

  • You will recieve clothes and other gifts from others which you have not had before.  Both peaceful and wrathful activities can be fulfilled during this period, increase of knowledge and experience.  You have opportunity to learn religious ideas.  To make this period even better repair roads in rural areas and worship to your protective diety.
    Remedy: none
  • Saturn Period:

  • You may face conflicts or disputes from your spouse or your children, your mind becomes blurred and you feel lethargic, and face other obstacles as well.  You may face separation or change of residence.  You are prone to sufer form epidemic disease or negative influence of nagas.
    Repair roads and make stamp clay and also do many times the incense ceremony (klu bsangs klu gtor).(with prayers and a recitiations directed to the nagas for release and forgiveness)
    Make and do the naga ritual cake.
  • Mercury period:

  • You develop friendly realtionships with firends and relatives, increase your knowledge and wisdom and easily accomplish your wishes.  You may prosper by elevation of your rank and good increases in wealth and property.  It is a favourable period for you, however you are prone to suffer from cough and colds and wind (rlung) disoders, but these will not harm you very much during this period.
  • Ketu period:

  • You face decline of wealth and face separation with your relatives, you are prone to suffer from sudden obstacles or heatlh hazards, you face conflicts with bad women and hard to fulfill your wishes, you face misery during this period.
    Offer a new full set of clothes (shoes to hat) to a high lama.
    Put a prayer flag on the top of a mountain with appropriate prayers to increase your luck. eg lung ta
  • Venus period:

  • You will increase your wealth, come accross near and dear ones, (you may meet boyfriend or girlfriend) and receive love and care from him or her.  You will easily fulfil your wishes and enjoy both mental and physical health.. It is a favourable period for you to increase your knowledge and experience.

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