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On this page you can find out about birthchart interpretations, both in the traditional Tibetan systems and others that may be considered more appropriate to those living in modern western culture and society  Suitable for persons with or without Buddhist interests.


B.Ed., Dip.T.P., B.Litt(Hons).
(Certs. Astrol. from F.A.A. & Men Tsee Khang) 

Consultations with Kimare by appointment only.

Kim has researched, practiced and taught Transpersonal Astrology for over 20 years.  This includes advanced studies and research on the Tibetan Internal Kalacakra Astrology with the late Professor Jhampa Gyaltsen Dagthon, the former Astrological Director of Men Tsee Khang, in Dharamsala.  Since 1996 he has also studied various aspects of Tibetan astrology at Men Tsee Khang, and under private tuition, from some of Tibet's leading astrologers.  Kim also worked with Tsipa Tsering Dolma, who holds the rTsis-pa bKaâ-bChu-pa Degree of Tibetan Astrology and Astronomy, outlining and translating sections of traditional Tibetan astrological texts.  Their work is gradually being uploaded on the Tibetan Astrology Network including traditional translations and a growing modern commentary.  Kim consults on a yearly cyclic basis and provides astrological services to clients in Australia, Asia and Europe.

As a consulting astrologer Kim's work is primarily with clients seeking meaningful insights into and understanding of the underlying energy cycles operating within their lives, as well those with more traditional Buddhist and other more transpersonal concerns/activities.  He uses a variety of astrological methods, including Tibetan Elemental charts and ancient systems of Kalacakra astrology, and integrates these within the context of Transpersonal Psychology.  This implies that the taking of personal reponsibility for our experiences is the first step to both understanding and activating/releasing them, and that there is no fixed or fated interpretation of the birth chart.  From that point onwards the astrological chart is a truly valuable tool for identifying and activating our innate potentials and awareness.  Kim has developed effective techniques for harmonising and re-integrating elements, energies and chakras, as well as the diagnosis and prescription of traditional Tibetan remedial approaches where required. 

Persons seeking 'psychism', 'clairvoyancy',  'prophesies', 'past life readings', 'divinations' and other 'fortune-telling services', are advised that they are likely to be dissappointed.  After 25 years of experience and research into the practice of the astrological sciences, Kim concludes that astrology deals with reasonable and verifyable cycles of human life, that these are best understood thru Buddhist astrological and psychological principles, and requires no added 'fortune telling' practices, to arrive at specific, clear, concise and useful information and methods of energetic trnasformation.

Kim is also available for Specialised Consultations in the areas of:

Feng Shui (with Tibetan aspects):  Harmonising the environment with your personal astrological factors.
Consultations for meditators: identifying specific meditative cycles, meditative styles, etc.

Kim consults only on an periodic basis, so an initial contact is suggested, as available bookings fill quickly.
You can also be referred to other competant astrologers according to your needs.

Consultations are available in Castlemaine and Melbourne and other cities/countries by arrangement ...  or by phone.


First Consultation **                 $AUD 120 - $140-  [ 2 to 2 and half hours]
Yearly Update                            $AUD  60 -
Ongoing work                            by arrangement.
Students, pensioners, etc.            by arrangement.

** A first consultation includes the calculation and detailed interpretation of your Tibetan Elemental and Kalacakra Astrological Charts, and examines your specific cycles for the following twelve months.  This provides an overview of your current situations and experiences, and these relevant issues are addressed.  This usually satisfies the normal desire for an astrological reading.  In the first session you are also sometimes introduced to your personal Astrological Mandala, a technique for integrating and harmonising astrological energies.

Traditional Tibetan Astrologers
Consultations with visiting Tibetan Astrologers are possible from time to time.  To have your name put on the list please notify us.  No charge made for registering your interest.  We can also recommend authentic Tibetan astrologers whom may be prepared to interpret your chart solely according to the traditional systems.

Traditional Tibetan Astrologers usually write a few pages summary of your horoscope, or meet for a brief consultation.  Their fees are variable.

Kim can be contacted:


Phone: (03) 5474 3213

Tibetan Astrology
PO Box 786
VIC 3450

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