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click to enlarge- LARGE  80K
-  inc  'Kalacakra Moments'
-  inc  traditional Kalacakra chart
-  inc an article on Soli-lunar phase affects upon chakras and mental states.
$AUD 28.00 within Australia
$US 20.00 overseas orders

This folio of prints also includes a print out of your personal 'Kalacakra Moments' - the dates when your chakras will naturally be in balance, and therefore most auspicious times for meditative practices.  Whilst the diagrams are reproduced in Tibetan script, an English translation is also provided, with an article explaining how the soli-lunar phases affect the balance and integration of your chakras.

For more information see the KALACAKRA ASTROLOGY PAGE 

Whilst we are still finalising our own Elemental astrology programs, we can currently provide either of the following options.

A. Tibetan Elemental Chart - calculates the 20 unfolding elements and their internal relations which are the general picture for your life along with current 'transits'.  This is calculated  in accordance with the 'Moon Rays' system, as used in the celebrated Phuglugs school of Tibetan astrology.
$5.00 per chart calculated: text format.
<< NEW >>:
$20.00 in full colour format eg. below.

click to enlarge:  LARGE file 95k.

B.  From Jan. 1999 this can be accompanied with a detailed written interpretation by Tsering Dolma.  This is the only place outside of Tibetan society where you can have a traditionally trained Tibetan astrologer examine and interpret your chart.
$45.00 per interpretation.
Prior orders may be placed NOW.

C.  Tibetan Astrological Amulets to integrate and balance negative elemental chart factorsThese are available by special order only as they are made specifically in accordance with your elemental chart factors.  They can only be produced at specific times throughout the year, on special materials only periodically available through the Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute.  Therefore production can take from 4 to six weeks.   It includes your elemental chart.
$20.00 per amulet.

All prices include postage, and are in Australian dollars exp where othewise specified. 

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Are available by Kim Lai and visiting Tibetan astrologers when in Australia. 
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