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Here are the calcualtions of Parkha.


  • The calculation of birth parkha is not too complicated like other calculation.  But you must be sure of your mother’s age.  Take your mother’s age and substract your age, then add an extra one year and divided by “8”.  Use the numerical final result or remaining number and start always from Parkha Kham (5th parkha).  Count anti clock wise up to the number that was your final numeral result or your birth Mewa.
    For instances, if your mother is 51 years old and your age is 24.
    + 1

    Put always 1 on Kham, 2 khen, 3-Da, 4-Khon, 5-Li etc., If you do rapid calculation then put always 1 on Kham, 10-khen, 20-khon, 30-Zon, 40-Gin, khen-50 etc.  So use the same knowledge and do the rest.


  • Changeable parkha is a parkha or trigrams which will change every year.

    CALCULATION:  To find out your changeable parkha, you should note that the male and female will be differentiate by the animal sing of the concerned person.  The calculation are classified into two types:
    1)  Male and female.
    Male signs-Mouse, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey and Dog
    Female signs: Ox, Hare, Snake, Sheep, Bird and Pig

    For example, a woman can have the sign for the year of the Tiger but this is a male animal sign.
    1)  If the concerned person is Male then start from Parkha “LI” and go clockwise or downward way upto your age.  Use the same rapid calculation to save your time.
    According to Elemental Astrology text (‘byung rtis man ngag zla baai vod zer)
    “Chu kha ma long re re rtsi”
    Chu ka long na zur kah chong”

    While finding your parkha, at every ten count one can calculate by jumping right to the corners and at other digits are needs to count by going from each block.

    Let’s say if your aage is 70 years old and male.  Putt one at Parkha LI (starting point) and then put the corner always, 10-khon, 20-Khen, 30-Gin, 40-Zon, 50-Khon, 60-Khen and 70-Gin etc.

    If someone is 28 years old.  Do the same method as above upto the 20 and go one by one.
    For example-Put 1-li, 10-Khon, 20-Khen, 21-Kham, 22-Gin, 23-Zin, 24-Zon, 25-Li, 26-Khon, 27-Da, 28-Khen etc.

    If the concerned person is Female.  Then start from Kham and go anticlock wise or upward way upto your age.  This method is same as the calculation of birth parkha.
    If someone is 18 years old, do the same method a before upto your age and then go on adding one by one parkha until your age by clockwise.  So you can not jump to the cardinal side.
    Kham-1,  Khen-10,  Khon-12,  Li-13, Zon-14, Zin-15, Gin-16,  Kham-17, Khen-18.

    If someone is 80 years old.  Put always 1 on Kham, 10-Khen, 20-Khon, 30-Zon, 40-Gin, 50-Khen, 60-Khon, 70-Zon and 80-Gin etc.